About me

Hello, I'm Brewster T. Koopa, an avid gmodder veteran who has too much free time.

I've been a gmodder since as early as Christmas, 2005. I've spent many years playing it and eventually in 2012, I've gotten into 3D model art, both porting and making models, I'm also an animator and artist

Various works

I'm mostly a model artist, but otherwise I am an animator and comic artist in the gmod community, I run an animation series called The Runaway 8, a series about 8 children fighting against perfection within the Perfect city, a city warped by horrific views that kills non-humans and children deemed "problematic". Inspired by shows like Codename Kid's next Door, and especially games like Little Nightmares.I run a mini comic series on DeviantArt called "Stella and the Zodiac Warriors" about a three girl exploring the ruins of the earth after being raised by space deities and warriors.

I'm also a voice actor!