Brewster T. Koopa

Gender: Male   |   Species:Flying Fox Megabat   |   Title:The Phantom Magician|   Age: 37 

Brewster Koopa, also known as the Phantom Magician, is a fruitbat who uses sleight of hand and shadow magic to perform, he is a neurotic but heroic knight who is loyal to those who employ him, he loves star fruit and lemons, he takes knighthood very seriously and respects it.

Claudia >


Gender: Female   |   Species: Humanoid Bonneter   |   Title: The Special assistant|   Age: 27 

Claudia is Brewster's Best friend and partner in adventuring, she is a bonneter who became Brewster's apprentice as well after being alone for a long time, she's quite neurotic as well.

Starla >


Gender: Female   |   Species: Superhuman   |   Title: The Mute Psychic|   Age: 16 

Starla is a mute girl with psychic powers, she loves playing games and learning magic, .

Keaton Bunnson >

Keaton Bunnson

Gender: Male   |   Species: Flemish Giant Rabbit   |   Title: The Happy-Go-Lucky Bunny|   Age: 13 

Keaton is an optimistic bunny who loves to help anyone in need, he does not like plushtubers and finds them boring.

Oysterous >


Gender: Female   |   Species:Mermaid   |   Title:The Ditsy Mermaid   |   Age: 30 

Oysterous is a gargantuan mermaid who loves ocean life and is willing to protect it, she's somewhat ditsy and bubbly. .

Dominus >

Emperor Dominus Elementum

Gender: Male   |   Species:Space Deity   |   Title:The Father of the Cosmos   |   Age: 2000+ 

Dominus is a large space deity who's job is to expell stars into the universe, he is one of two deities who run a space colony, alongside his wife, Malunar, he is also the adoptive father of Stella, he has a playful side to him, though a bit of a short temper. .

Malunar >

Empress Malunar Elementum

Gender: Female   |   Species:Space Deity   |   Title:The Mother of the Cosmos   |   Age: 2000+ 

Malunar is the empress of the cosmos, her job is to create stars and scatter them across the universe, she is the mother of Stella and wife of Dominus, Malunar has a caring personality, rarely, if not at all, getting mad.

Asmer >

Chancellor Asmer

Gender: Male   |   Species:Cosmic Moth   |   Title:The Studious Moth   |   Age: 300+ 

Asmer is the advisor of Dominus and Malunar's colony, he is a studious, but somewhat oblivious bookworm who is somewhat if a nanny to Stella at times

Chakrolla >

Chancellor Chakrolla

Gender: Female   |   Species:Psychic Triclops   |   Title:The Clairvoyant Triclops   |   Age: 300+ 

Chakrolla is an advisor for Dominus and Malunar, she is also a nanny to Stella, she has the ability to see into the future


Stella Elementum

Gender: Female   |   Species:Human   |   Title:The Cosmic Princess   |   Age: 3 

Stella is the adoptive daughter of Dominus and Malunar, she is a curious and polite child who, despite being spoiled by her pants, is quite humble and caring of others, she desperately wishes to see Earth.